All of the great learning here is made possible by Dr Ang Shiang-Hu aka ASH, who is a resident author here on Emergence Phenomena, as well as all the original Youtube video creators.

Diagnostic bedside ultrasound tutorials

The following bedside ultrasound applications (diagnostic) are performed by the senior ED physicians in the department. Click on the links below to learn more about each application. The step by step guides are meant to help performers hone their bedside ultrasound skills.

Ultrasound in resuscitating shock  (IVC + cardiac ultrasound)
Soft-tissue ultrasound (Cellulitis & Foreign body)

Procedural ultrasound tutorials
The following bedside ultrasound (procedural) applications are routinely used in our department. The step by step guides below are meant to help performers improve on their procedural ultrasound skills.

Ultrasound Resources

For all new EM residents starting on the SingHealth EMRP Emergency Ultrasound Program, please refer to the ACEP endorsed ultrasound website www.sonoguide.com for additional educational materials.
Residents should also test their understanding at the Online Interactive EUS Exam website (made possible by a section grant from ACEP). The results of the quizzes can be printed for review by the ultrasound director or equivalent.
Ultrasound websites & blogs
Sonoguide (Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians)
Sonospot (Ultrasound blog – Stanford)
Soundbytes (Good teaching videos on ultrasound)
Ultrasoundshare (Good database of ultrasound clips)
Ultrasound Podcast (Mike and Matt’s ultrasound galore)
Ultrasound Village (Ultrasound from Down Under – Adrian Goudie)
Echocardiography websites & blogs
Echo in Context (Duke University School of Medicine)
Echocardiography in ICU (Stanford University Wiki)
Echocardiographer.org (echocardiography reference values)
ICU Sonography (All you need to know about ICU bedside US)
Yale Atlas of Echocardiography (Good database of echo views)
123sonography (Echo blog from Vienna!) 
Nerve blocks & Procedural ultrasound
Neuraxiom (All the blocks you ever need)
NYSORA (New York School of Regional Anesthesia)
Organisations & Ultrasound CME
ACEP Ultrasound
Australian Institute of Ultrasound
Emergency Ultrasound Fellowships (List of ED ultrasound fellowships in the USA)
Sonoworld (CME and ultrasound education)

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