"Meducation" links

Emergency and Critical Care

Life in the Fast Lane
  • Original & still the best for most things Emergency related. 
  • Scott's never ending quest to bring "upstairs care downstairs".
  • Mel Herbert's original sensation which kickstarted the webucation frenzy.
Smart EM
  • Superb podcasts and distilled to essence.
  • From the everyday to the esoteric. Just like it says on the tin.
Underneath EM
  • Critical care from Van Diemen's Land.
  • Paediatric pearls with EBM galore. 
St. Emlyn's blog
  • Holy repository of much EBM and ED truisms.
Paeds morsels
  • Excellent site for swallowable peadiatric pearls
The Trauma Professional's Blog
  • No fuss, straight up trauma stuff
  • Because what Paracelsus said still holds true
  • Superb, concise guides and updates from the Drs. at Mt Sinai
  • Excellent, simple explanations of how things like capnographs, sats probes and other med devices work - well worth a visit (esp. nurses and students)
EM Lyceum
  • If only classical antiquity had this website...
  • All about closing the gap - genius site.
  • Superb video site with free (with sign-up) access. Paeds centric as well.
  • Speedy learning with pictorial based learning

                    Sonography and other Imaging

                      • Singaporean based U/S institute
                      Highland Ultrasound
                      • Great place to learn about procedural ultrasound
                      Radiology Masterclass
                      • Excellent site for rad tutorials.
                      • Impressive resource especially with nerve blocks/techniques

                      ECG skills

                      Dr Smith's ECG blog
                      • Premier resource on the subject of cardiographs.
                      Amal Mattu's EKG videos
                      • Described by some as a deity of EKGs. Make up your own mind. Also on Youtube.
                      • Great practice for trainees. John Larkin is an ex colleague from the very busy Joondalup Hospital. Continuously churns out tracings and teaching. 

                      • A new site with a pretty good spectrum of education material. Youtube channel as well.

                      Retrieval / Pre-hospital

                      • First met Minh during my Flying Doctor days and his site is stratospheric. 
                      • Valuable resource for pre-hospital staff.


                      The Rebel EM
                      • Salim Rezaie's excellent site on ED topics with EBM attached
                      EM literature of note
                      • Superb updates on all contexts of EM
                      The Number Needed to Treat
                      • Simple and straightforward answers to the Rx and poison we dish out each day.
                      Keeping up with EM
                      • EBM and podcasts in bite sizes for everyone.

                          Other misc. educational sites

                          Wik EM
                          • It was only a matter of time before we had our own Wiki!
                          Wheeless Ortho online
                          • Best Orthopaedic resource on the net
                          The Bone School
                          • Nice clean interface which is concise
                          Guidelines for me
                          • HUGE repository of guidelines from hospitals around the world. Quite an amazing feat
                          Procedures Club
                          • Funny and informative blog on EM tricks of the trade.

                          Youtube streams of note

                          TED Ed talks
                          • The education side of TED talks

                          • The University of Maryland ED videos including the ECG guru Amal Mattu)

                          • Prof of Emergency Medicine with exceptional live vids

                          • Meducaiton + entertainment = ZDogg. Must be seen to be believed


                          • Good basic science and pathophysiology stuff on ortho and neuro

                          James McCormack
                          • Hits the funny bone and the thinking muscle at the same time

                          Nabil Ebraheim's vids

                          • Prof in Orthopaedics with very educational videos.