Teaming in the real world / work

Been away for a while but we will still be posting EM related content intermittently. Here's a teamwork demonstration like no other which is applicable in complex environments like ours. 

Moral injury, not burnout

Dr Zubin Damania does great parody songs but his rants are equally engaging.
This call to arms denounces the odious habit of blaming people rather than systems/institutions. A different viewpoint indeed but well thought out and has evidence at its core.

Other very good links on this topic:

How you perceive these challenges (in the ED setting) depends on your world view however your perspective might be influenced by the following; 
  1. Stepping into a non metropolis resource limited setting
  2. Being a patient or having a loved one be a patient
  3. Talk with an "old timer" ED Doc. If they're still in this challenging environment after decades, they must be doing something right.
Systems inherently lack pathos so our efforts must be channeled into doing what best for patients and peer monitoring/support for ourselves/nurses/students.

As always... fight the power! 

All about back pain

Hello again! We have a been away for a while on family and work commitments.
Here's some great nuggets on one of the most common conditions seen in a lot of EDs. It shows everything from pathogenesis to red flags to clinical exam.
Follow Dr Ebraheim's youtube channel for more of his series.

A TRICI TIME 20/9/2018

Pre conference workshop for the Duke-NUS Conference at Academia, SGH, Singapore on 20th Sep 2018.

You're not sitting on the fence - vote to save this patient!

Goody bags

Drone view of master planning

Y'all ready for this?

I see everything with this camera...

Ipad xrays? That is a swish radiographer

Team effort indeed

Something about a geyser of blood pouring out...apparently trauma patients bleed.
A good time was had by all. Hopefully they learnt something in the process. Thanks to HOPE ambulance again or providing the support and if you want to register for 2019 workshops - drop an email to:

Webucation 5/9/18

This episode of webucation gives us insights into old diseases and new. From cardio to dermatology and from myth to righteousness. Credit as always to the original content providers.

  • Severe cutaneous reactions - a great run through one of my blindspots - dermatology. It sets out the differences and nuances of treatment of SJS / TENS etc

Sepsis checklist/bundle

Management of sepsis is an ever evolving science but the implementation of  such measures in the ED can be challenging as there are so many moving parts.
Here's our version of a bundle to recognition and management. Comments welcome as always.
The checklist can be downloaded here.

There is no spoon?

Prof. Rinaldo Bellomo is extremely well published and speaks here at SMACC Berlin in a Matrix like talk on physiological belief.
Some great lines here and some well thought out arguments. Chiefly, "we make the measurable important but not the important measurable". Thanks to the SMACC team for making this available.