Moral injury, not burnout

Dr Zubin Damania does great parody songs but his rants are equally engaging.
This call to arms denounces the odious habit of blaming people rather than systems/institutions. A different viewpoint indeed but well thought out and has evidence at its core.

Other very good links on this topic:

How you perceive these challenges (in the ED setting) depends on your world view however your perspective might be influenced by the following; 
  1. Stepping into a non metropolis resource limited setting
  2. Being a patient or having a loved one be a patient
  3. Talk with an "old timer" ED Doc. If they're still in this challenging environment after decades, they must be doing something right.
Systems inherently lack pathos so our efforts must be channeled into doing what best for patients and peer monitoring/support for ourselves/nurses/students.

As always... fight the power! 

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