Away on holiday... sort of.

We haven't disappeared from the FOAM world but have been on hiatus for education and holiday reasons. Happy new year to all our readers!
Singhealth has been actively involved in EM and disaster medicine in the region for decades. Not only are Singapore doctors sent on relief missions but also for educational outreach in non disaster times. Here are a few photos from a recent trip to give our perspective to Nepal EM docs, nurses and administrators on pre-hospital and hospital disaster management.
On a personal note, it was heartening to go back to Kathmandu and its environs as the last time I was there was during the Nepal earthquake and much has improved both socially and preparedness wise.

Group discussion and pre-presentation work 
Outdoor hospital prep
Triage table tops

Field team bag preparation 
How to moulage for excercises

Team presentation on their preparedness plans

The "dreaded" assessment - can't have learning without it!

Group pic

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