Kudos to a course well done

Most workshops will leave you with some valuable skills and insight. Plus you meet like minded people from all over the world!
To that effect, I highly recommend the APELSO Hong Kong ECMO course. Run by staff from Queen Mary/Grantham hospitals, it was exemplary in demystifying and deciphering everything extra-corporeal. Just like the excellent Reanimate, this course combines didactics, simulation and practical exercises but lasted for 5 days rather than 2. Here's some pics taken with permission. 

Dr Thomas Mueller's (Regensburg, Germany)
take on ECPR

Full circuit with dedicated Apps for simulating monitors

Veno-Arterial circuit with reperfusion cannula 

Scenarios were realistic and focused on basics of troubleshooting

They even brought in fluroscopy in the sims
Transportation sim for interhospital transfers on circuit 

Live action mannequin for the sims - can't get more fidelity than that

Cannulation combined with nursing and CPR team

You can sign up for more courses like this here if interested in ECLS.

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