Transport is TRICI

The recent SEMS 2016 conference in Singapore was well received by attendees and its myriad of workshops/courses and talks continues to grow. This year, Changi General Hospital added a one day workshop to highlight the troubles in transporting critically ill patients. It involved lectures, simulation, quizzes and demos and lots of food.
"Shoutout" goes to Changi Simulation Institute for once again hosting and moulaging our sims.

TRANSPORT In the Critically Ill 
(aka TRICI)

What its all about - TRICI

Demonstrating practically our retrieval bag and contents

Dr Joanne Ang debriefing after a multi-stage simulation

No gain without pain
The actual quiz - learning without the stress of marks

Dr Charles Chan-Johnson (centre) & SSN Himmah (extreme left) giving a synopsis of actual ambulance transport

Ambulance ride along with mannequin

Teaching faculty of Dr Naleen and SSN Irene "treating" a critical patient

A/Prof Loh Lik Eng giving a paediatric transport primer
Feedback was encouraging and we plan to have more of the above. If you would like to join/participate/know more do send us an email.

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