ART: Advanced Resuscitation Training

For those who attended the recent SEMS ASM 2014 pre-conference workshop on ART by Dr Daniel Davis, you would be familiar with the concept. It is not new-fangled resuscitation science or even using state-of-the-art toys to resuscitate. But what it is; is taking a hospital, instituting a cultural /mind-set change, re-thinking the approach to resuscitation / CPR, and commitment to training at all levels. The result is a significant reduction in mortality from all manners of in-hospital cardiac arrests and improved neurological outcomes.
This is probably what OUR hospital needs too. Not new toys. Not fancy stuff. A hospital with a commitment to save lives, where bystander CPR (that means even the hospital porter, ah ma, dietician, pharmacist, HO whatever) is more than 90%. A hospital where code blue teams arrive to consistent high quality CPR already started by the people at scene. We already see some advances and improvement with MET but dare we take the next step?
Here is a sampling of the workshop; it is actually a webinar put up on UCSD’s youtube page last year, but the content is similar. An hour definitely worth listening to.

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