Webucation 19/5

Been away for a few weeks on a course. The web has been active though and here's more than a few good articles to ponder over.

  • How-marriage-works-in-medicine - interesting read for those in and around wedlock and even more interesting for those not "locked"
  • Ringer's ain't great...again. - not as much volume expansion as you once thought
  • FOOSH again - excellent revision on a not so common wrist injury from Emergucate
  • PTX aspiration - great video by NEJM on needle aspiration of pneumothorax of you have not seen one before.
  • Don't ignore naughty parts! - the trauma pro talks about not ignoring stuff down below
  • Macrolides and CCBs - do they interact and cause shock?
  • LUL collapse - we agree that its probably the hardest collapse to see on CXR
  • Microbiology pearls - truly one of the best write-ups we have seen recently. What every hospital doc should know about those pesky microbes and what really happens. We cannot recommend this link enough.

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