Webucation 26/3/13

This week's browsing has a bit for everyone. From tech to airway to old practices that should go away.

  1. Forget Chovstek? - med students have been memorising this for decades. Is it time to let go?
  2. New otitis media guidelines - updates  and a good revision paper.
  3. Extubation in the ED - short and sweet checklist for those who are getting more and more patients in their EDs who don't need the "tube" anymore. 
  4. Ketofol lovin - some love and some will get to love it. Here's a play by play on how to use this combo of Propfol and Ketamine. We endorse it too in our ED when deeper sedation is required.
  5. Star Trek not far away with Google glasses  - a look into the future on how tech serves the forces of good.
  6. Enough with the Belladonna already... - here at Emergence Phenomena, we like all things Ketamine so here's a timely reminder from our own folks at KK Children's Hospital in Singapore on how we should dispense with mixology in our practice.
As usual, remember to spread the education and support the original authors.

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