SMACC Day One highlights

Here I am at SMACC, second day and enjoying every minute. To those who still do not know about SMACC, check it out at for possibly the bestest and coolest Crit care conference to date. Also check out your favorite blogs for posts on SMACC.

Day One highlights
Coolest  opening sequence for a conference ever. An amazing skit followed by a cinematic quality opening video clip. Scott Weingart was in top form, delivering possibly one of the best opening talks I've heard him give. Upstairs care downstairs has been his mantra for some time, but I like his new one - maximally aggressive care always - maximally aggressive curative care and maximally aggressive palliative care.

John Myburgh followed with a great talk about catecholamines in resuscitation. MSFP; wonder what that is? Ask the hemodynamicists out there, it's certainly not a new concept, but I gotta read up on Guyton. I will also mention 2 great articles in Jan 2013 issue of Crit Care Med on hemodynamic physiology : go read! John gave another great talk on fluid resuscitation later on. I fully agree with his take on fluids; if you don't see the fluid loss, the patient is likely not benefitting from the excess drip. In my opinion, a limited fluid strategy is probably the way forward in sepsis resuscitation. I'll stand by USCOM and hemodynamic guided therapy.

Anthony Delaney shared a little bit on the ARISE trial - can't wait for the results of that one. Good talk on the goal posts of EGDT.

But John Myburgh summed it all up nicely - see the patient, not some number!

The afternoon was deep. The full panel of online greats got down and dirty talking about the nitty gritty of social media, FOAMed and issues pertaining. What an eye opener. Next, Joe Lex did his best as usual, giving up his treasure trove of quotes from Hippocrates to Osler.

Last but not least, Simon Carly was all James Bond cool Brit and all. I like it. Wish you were here RG! Did you know, the cogs of SMACC and FOAM started turning way back in ICEM, Dublin, over some Irish stout surely?! I remembered a certain train ride from Dublin to Cork...

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

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  1. Yes I did. ICEM 2012 was a seminal moment for this movement alright. Just waiting for critical mass for this to go viral - pun intended.