SMACC Day 2 highlights

The second day was as good, if not better. "Path to Insanity" was one of the plenary talks by Scott Weingart. Now this talk totally blew my mind, you know, it just resonates with my inner being. It is about the road to excellence, how this road is less travelled by most. Using the Dreyfus model, most of us would stop at being a competent doctor, but the few who dare to achieve excellence will strive for more, literally walking the path of insanity. It is hard work to become the expert master of one's field! Scott pores through 60 journals a month to become the Crit care expert that he is. That is insane. But that is also the path I found myself on a few years ago, when Dr Andy Jagoda, a pillar in emergency medicine, came through my little department and left me with an unforgettable impression. That we can be good. That knowledge is on our side if we choose to imbibe. Because the literature and stuff is out there, what the cardiologists are reading, what the neurologists are reading, we can well read it ourselves.

Joe Lex was the perfect man for his talk; teaching an old dog new tricks. Did you know, he started out as an army medic, he served in Vietnam, was an ER nurse before starting med school? And the American Academy of Emergency Medicine named the educator of the year award after him? The anecdotes that he shared was just priceless. The drive and fervor that he has now as a senior educator in emergency medicine is just absolutely amazing.

SONOWARS was the highlight event of the day. They got 2 teams in the final competing for ultrasound honors. There were great clips, and sono education mixed in with a good amount of entertainment. Those who are ultrasound naive may be intimidated by the amount of sonographic details that whiz by and get lost. Not to worry, all the material should be uploaded onto the online space (GMEP I believe) in due time.

Stay tuned for day 3 highlights.

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